Best Banter Contest: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of banter? 

For the purposes of this contest, banter is considered the back-and-forth dialogue between two or more characters. Banter does not need to be between the hero and the heroine; it can be a dialogue between secondary characters, or a lead character with one or more secondary characters.

What is the entry fee?

The fee is $20 for each entry ($15 per entry for MMRWA members). The non-refundable entry fee will be paid via PayPal. Payment must be made before submitting an entry; entries without payment or a completed submission form will be disqualified.

May I enter multiple scenes from the same work?

Yes, but only two. For example, if you have two different scenes from the same manuscript, you may enter both. However, each scene would be considered a separate entry that requires its own entry fee and meets the 1500-word guidelines.

What if there aren't enough entries in a category?

The contest coordinators and committee reserve the right to close any category with fewer than ten (10) entries. Payments will be refunded.

What will I receive for my entry fee(s)? 

All entries will be evaluated by trained first-round judges who will follow an established rubric.  Finalists will have their work read and judged by a top industry agent or editor and will receive a "Finalist" badge to display on their websites and social media pages. The winners will receive a "Winner" badge to display on their websites and social media pages.

Can I enter work that has been published before?

No. Entries that have been contracted, previously published, printed, and/or either partially or fully posted in any form or format visible to the public or made available for distribution before the contest will not be accepted. Ineligible entries will be disqualified, and the entry fee forfeited.

I am a published author, but my work is unpublished. Do I enter the unpublished category?

No. All contest entries must be unpublished and if, as an author, you have had previous work published, you must enter the Previously Published Author category.

What if I have a question about the contest that's not answered here?

Email us at