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Like so many other writers, I had the urge to create stories from the very beginning. I probably left scratches in my mother’s womb that resembled cave drawings. As a child, telling stories in comic strip form was a natural for me. Then I created stories to perform while bringing to life the pretend console “radio” my sister and I concocted from a large cardboard box. That was a l-o-n-g time ago. No soap operas or even Sergeant Preston of the Yukon on radio any more.
By the time I was fourteen, I’d sold my first article to my hometown newspaper. Along the way, I’ve sold short stories, interviews, and articles to magazines and newspapers.

Michigan State University’s two inch thick catalog blew my mind with all the wonderful classes it offered, so that’s where I attended.

But deep in my heart, I wanted to write–and sell– a book length story—a novel! I jump-started my understanding of writing and selling a novel when I joined Romance Writers of America. I spent a four year stint on the other side of publication as editor of the Mid-Michigan chapter’s newsletter, the Mirror and was immersed in informative and insightful articles and chapter programs from top notch authors.

It is with deep gratitude that I’m using what I’m constantly learning from fellow writers, family, and friends to create my writing projects and now my novels.


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Jolana was born in Brooklyn, NY, and began her writing career at age 3 1/2 by carving her name on her mom's credenza. (Now uses a MacBook Pro.) First job, door-to-door sales; first employer, Girl Scouts of America. Also worked as a salesclerk in Macy's Herald Square store, as an advertising secretary/receptionist/ghost copywriter, an elementary school teacher, a reporter, columnist, editor and as a publicist. Working on adding published author to the list. B.A. Degree, Hunter College of the City University of New York; M.S. Ed. Degree, St. Johns University, New York. Loves books; they're stacked two deep on her shelves. Also loves old movies, big band, oldies and classical music, Star Trek and Firefly, is learning to paint, and adores Betty White. Would love gardening too if she wasn't the kiss of death to plants. Married, two sons, eight grandchildren.


writing as ANNIE O'ROURKE

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I consider myself a hopeful romantic.
I write contemporary romances with a little humor and a smidgen of sex. Nothing too naughty, just fun stories with a happily ever after, of course. I have loved reading books for as long as I can remember and writing stories just seems to come naturally for the nerdy girl who spent hours playing make-believe in her room.

The Midwest has been home to me for most of my life. I grew up in southern Ohio and attended Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana. After graduating with a B.A. in English I took a position  as an Admissions Representative at Alma College in Alma, Michigan where I met my husband. We spent a year in Louisville, KY before moving back to Michigan where we have been ever since. We've lived in southwest Michigan for over twenty-five years now. It was not our intention to endure this many winters but somehow we're still here.

I have two children who are no longer children. Both in college, my daughter is studying musical theater and my son plays college baseball while studying sports management.
There are two four-legged creatures in our home who keep us entertained. A dachshund named Rojo, and a border collie named Oreo.