Personal Safety Tips for Travelers

by Police Chief Ed Edwardson

Copyright © 2000, Ed Edwardson, and reprinted with permission from the April 2000 issue of the Mid-Michigan Mirror

Here are some of the tips supplied by our March speaker, Chief Ed Edwardson. Keep them in mind when you travel:


Leave jewelry and other valuables at home.


Never travel with expensive objects that make you a target for pickpockets. Store valuables, passport, and money in hotel safe. Carry traveler's checks and one or two credit cards.


Be aware of the people around you at all time and follow your instincts.


Stay in well populated, well-lit areas. Don't take shortcuts down alleys, and don't walk alone at night. Take elevator instead of stairs.


Talk to locals about safety (i.e. concierge). Ask them which areas to avoid or become dangerous after dark.


Always wear purse across body rather than dangling from shoulder (better yet, leave it at home).


Be extra careful at night. Go with a group. Have a plan to get back if you will be returning late. Avoid extremely revealing clothing or carry a cover-up.


The more vulnerable you look, the more vulnerable you are.


Avoid discussing your travel plans in detail with people you meet along the way.


Call home at predetermined intervals.


Consider investing in a cellular phone so you can call for help any time you need it.


Park in well-lit, busy area. Keep valuables hidden and doors locked. Have keys in hand when returning to car and look around outside and inside before getting in.


Avoid ground-floor hotel rooms. Keep hotel information--especially your room number--private. If meeting someone you don't know, make it in a public place.


Use ATMs during day. Check area first, shield code when entering, don't count or display money at ATM.

Police Chief Ed Edwardson of the Wyoming police was the March 2000 MMRWA meeting speaker.

Copyright © 2000, Ed Edwardson, and reprinted with permission from the April 2000 issue of the Mid-Michigan Mirror. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without written permission of author.

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