MMRWA Meeting – November 19, 2016

Should you edit while writing a first draft? Do you let others read your work only to be told it contains a number of mistakes? Interested in learning writing tips that can help you catch more errors when proofreading? Want to know how to avoid some of those errors in the first place, which can improve your editing skills?

At November’s meeting on Self-Editing Made Easier, Dr. Diana Stout will share her experiences and a number of tips, some of which aren’t in textbooks or writing how-to books, on how self-editing can be made easier. Bring 2-5 pages of a current work in progress and see the effectiveness of these tips when applied at our Saturday, November 19th meeting at Schuler's Restaurant & Pub, 115 S. Eagle ST., Marshall, MI 49068, (269) 781-0600. Lunch is at 11:30 followed our program and short business meeting. 

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Diana Stout | Only for the Brave Blog  | Into the Core Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn

Diana at office March 2014Dr. Diana Stout is an award-winning writer of multiple genres and various media.

She has published books both traditionally and independently, sold magazine articles, short stories, poetry, a former newspaper and magazine columnist, had two short plays produced in New York, and has optioned a screenplay. A former reviewer for various academic journals and textbook publishers, and contest judge for multiple writing organizations—both young adult and adult, in fiction and nonfiction, she still serves as a judge for Hollywood screenwriting organizations.

Today, she’s returned to her creative writing roots as a screenwriter, author of books and novellas, blogger, and writing coach, through her company, Sharpened Pencils Productions. She is most proud of a recent publication, Grendel’s Mother, a project that was ten years in the making. Currently, she is revising a screenplay, the second story for her Laurel Ridge novella series, and has become a website content writer for Creative Web Design.
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