MMRWA MEETING – March 18, 2017

Lunch beginning at 11:30 am at LaSenorita, 2706 Lake Lansing Rd, Lansing MI 48912 (517) 485-0166. The meeting runs from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm with lunch followed by our Program then business meeting. RSVP to Nancy Gideon at or via our Facebook Event.

Program Info:

EMPOWER YOUR WRITING! Our guest speaker, Louise Knott Ahern will dig into what is blocking your creativity and help get those words flowing once again in a special hands-on workshop.

We all get stuck. Sometimes it’s a scene we can’t seem to plow through, or perhaps an entire book that stymies our every effort to finish. Every time, we’re tempted to grab the nearest pint of Ben & Jerry’s to eat away our writer’s block. But it’s not writer’s block! There’s no such thing. There is only a lack of empowerment in your writing. Everything you need to go from first chapter to bestseller is already inside your brain. It started growing the instant you planted the initial seed of your idea. You just need to learn to unlock it! Louise Knott Ahern, an award-winning journalist, fiction writer and writing coach/editor with more than 20 years of experience, has the key!


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Louise Knott Ahern has worked with writers at all levels -- from beginners working on their first novels to New York Times bestsellers. Her journalism career has spanned both coasts and some of the biggest news markets in the country and has earned her many awards, including a 2014 Sigma Delta Chi -- one of the most prestigious journalism awards in the country. She's also the president and founder of Capital City Writers Association in Lansing, MI, and is founder of Finish the Damn Book -- a growing program designed to help writers reach The End. Last year, Louise released two contemporary sports romances under her pen name, Lyssa Kay Adams, and was also elected Vice President of communications for the Contemporary Chapter of RWA. You can find her at LKA Publishing or Lyssa Kay Adams.