What is considered banter? Banter is the back and forth dialogue between two or more characters. Banter does not need to be between the hero and the heroine. It can be a dialogue between secondary characters or a lead character with one or more secondary characters. Banter can be funny, serious, angry, sad, or sexy. We welcome your creativity!
May I enter the same scene in different subgenre categories? Yes. You may enter the same scene in applicable categories. For example, if you have a contemporary paranormal romance, you may enter it in the contemporary category and also in the paranormal category. You must pay an entry fee for each entry.
May I enter multiple scenes from the same work in the same category? Yes. Each scene still requires an entry fee. For example, if you have three different scenes from the same historical romance manuscript, you may enter all of them in the historical romance category, but each scene requires its own entry fee.
What is the entry fee? The fee is $20 for each entry ($15 for MMRWA members). The non-refundable entry fee will be paid via Pay Pal.
What if there aren't enough entries in a category? The contest committee reserves the right to add or drop categories depending on the number of entries received. Any category receiving fewer than five (5) entries will be canceled and the entry fee will be refunded.